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nixa jane's fanfiction

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nixa jane
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fanfiction by laytoncolt
I wanted a place where I could put all of my fanfiction, from all my different fandoms, all in one place, but I wasn't up for making a new website. I decided instead to make a makeshift archive out of a livejournal comm.

This community holds all of my completed fanfiction, with the exception of a few SG-1 and Voyager fics that are just too embarrassing to include. I'm going to be the only one with posting access as this is for my fiction, but anyone is welcome to join the comm.

*some stories have been friends-locked due to adult content.

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laytoncolt: my personal livejournal.

mad_gaters: fanfic journal for fic co-written with FCOL.

greydawn_icons: my graphics journal.

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